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Gran Tourismo Spain Guided Scooter Tours

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Explore beautiful Almeria in Southern Spain by scooter.   You will be guided through stunning countryside, through almond and olive groves, experience the real authentic Spain.  Enjoy wonderful tapas and spanish cuisine on your journeys.   You will experience roads like no other,  twists and turns, climbs and descents with hardly any traffic! 

So if you want something a little different and adventerous, then contact us today for availability. Minimum 3 people Maximum 6

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How long are the Tours?

Daily 6 hours of scootering

 4 or 6 night stay or contact us for a bespoke tour

Approximately 600 miles of scootering on 6 day Tour around Almeria and Murica, coastal roads, inland, mountains, stunning views, traditional Spanish bars/restaurants for lunch

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Where is GTS?

 Urcal, Huercal-Overa, Almeria Province, 5 mins from A7/E15

Airports; Almeria 1 hour, 

Alicante 1 hour 45 minutes, 

Murcia Corvera (new 2019) 1 hour 5 minutes 

Transfers either Car Hire from airports or Shuttle Service. Exclusive Airport Shuttles to Huercal-Overa

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How much are the Tours 


Tours normally run Sunday to Sunday

6 nights B&B £575

4 nights B&B £475

Included: 3rd party insurance, tours, scooter rental, gloves, helmets

Excluded; flights, airport transfers, fuel 

Single person supplement £75.00

Minimum 3 people

Maximum 6

The Tours - Depart 9.30 am Return approx 4.00 pm

The pretty resort of Mojacar - For the first few miles is an opportunity to get acquainted with Spanish roads and the Scomadi. We join the coast road at San Juan de los Terreros, 'a miniature version of the Pacific Coast Highway'  The road hugs the coast with stunning views over the sea, petrified remains of ancient forests cover the hillsides and the road slices through the rugged landscape. With gentle climbs and descents, this is a beautiful piece of coastline with plenty of sweeping curves to negotiate.  After lunch at a beachside restaurant, we head inland through a landscape filled with orange trees and olive groves. As the altitude increases the route becomes progressively more technical, with curves that are tight enough to challenge but fluid enough to maintain momentum. The twists are an absolute pleasure to ride.

The Badlands Gran Tourismo's Sierra Cabera base is situated in one of a handful of areas in the world to be classed as ‘Badlands', a scarce geological feature. Characterised by multi-coloured layers of rock, the scenery changes according to the season and even time of day. The roads cut through the Badlands with gentle sweeps and inclines. On either side of the road craggy peaks alternate with wide, deep canyons. This is not one of the  most challenging of rides but this is beneficial as the scenery is breathtaking. Entertainment of a different kind can be found in the small town of Taberno. From the bar's balcony it's possible to enjoy a display of the locals' complete disregard for parking regulations so just make sure no one's parked in the center of the crossroads when you ride into town!

Sierra Maria-Velez Natural Park Designated a national park in 1987, Sierra Maria-Velez is an area of contrasts. From craggy peaks to pine forests and woodlands, its roads are the main attraction for motorcycles from across Andalusia. You will be guided through the park to the town of Velez-Blanco. Dominated by a castle the town nestles at an altitude of 1070 meters and the approach feels more like bringing an aircraft into land than riding a Scomadi! 

From Velez-Blanco you are guided down to earth along a stretch of road that must be one of the most perfect motorcycling routes in Spain, a never ending series of S and Z bends with the occasional 180 degree switchback thrown in for good measure. What separates this road from the rest is the degree of advance notice given of oncoming traffic, as often 2 or 3 km of road can be monitored ahead. With freedom to take the optimum line, it is an exhilarating descent.

'Jar Head' Mountain With beer in the local bar at €2 a pint and the nearby town of Huercal-Overa offering a pretty square with bars and street cafes it would be rude not to have a few at some point. This tour is a late start for this half day ride meaning that guests can enjoy a night out in the knowledge that hangovers and blood alcohol levels can subside before setting off. This route starts by repeating part of the exciting descent from Sierra Maria Valdez, but this time up hill, before branching off towards the peak of Cabaza Jara, which loosely translates as 'Jar Head'. The climb takes in almond groves and small rural villages all topped by seemingly unending skies. The ascent is gentle but once at its peak the views stretched for miles. At around 3 hours this is  the  shortest run and also the only one without a cafe or stopping point, as the area is protected, so be sure to have some water in your bag.

Route 13 The trip to Aguilas is the longest of the week.   All of the rides so far will have prepared you for this experience. The road clings to the hillside with a deep drainage ditch on one side and for the most part a sheer drop to the other. There are no barriers, only concrete bollards to marking the road's edge. It's a highly technical series of bends, switch backs, climbs and descents that demand concentration. Show it the appropriate respect and this route rewards with an unforgettable ride.  Refreshments are taken in the port of Aguilas. 

Living with the Scomadi  The Scomadi 125 is a wise  choice for this type of venture. Not only is it accessible to a wide range of riders under Spanish law, it also opens the experience up to those who's experience is limited to 'Twist and Go' scooters. The holiday is also a great opportunity for anyone curious about Scomadi to experience one at first hand. The 125 is more sprightly than the LML auto and it never struggled with gradients. None of the routes chosen by GTS reaches an altitude where fuel mixture becomes an issue, you will have all the fun of Alpine roads with none of their ability to sap power.

From SCOOTERING MAGAZINE MAY 2017 -It was on some of the faster stretches that the Scomadi surprised me, taking a series of several ‘z’ bends in a row without any effort. At times it would have been nice to drop down a gear but for a 125 the engine was pleasantly nimble. Braking was firm and I never felt any disc fade. Even when throwing it into corners I was always confident that I could bleed off speed without issue. Despite being adjusted to their softest settings the front shock absorbers were still very hard, but that's a Scomadi trait I'm personally warming to.