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This part of Spain offers any scooter enthusiast a wealth of superb riding experiences of lesser-known routes, well-maintained tarmac, and quiet roads.  An enticing prospect not to be missed!   


Choose from 4 or 6 nights.  Group sizes minimum of 2 and maximum of 6 riders.

​The 6-night tour includes an overnight ride to the town of Bacares.  This is a long but adventurous ride for the more experienced rider.  ​


Accommodation is included in the price.    Three airports service this area;  Almeria, Murcia (Corvera), and Alicante.   


If you need any assistance with your travel arrangements, we will gladly advise you.​ 


Start:  10.00 am            Finish: 16.30 pm

Stops are incorporated for refreshments or photo opportunities.

Tour Destinations

  • Velez Blanco with stop at the castle

  • Coastal Road - San Juan

  • Jar Head (1/2 day)

  • Bacares (5 hour ride/overnight)

  • Aguilas Coastal Town

  • Albanchez

Tours will operate if conditions are good and safe, therefore the order of tours may change dependent on the weather.

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